The Basic Structure of a Dissertation Paper


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The title page is the face of the project and it includes the following information.

  • Main title that must not go beyond 10 words
  • Name of student
  • Name of institute
  • Degree title
  • Date of submission


Usually the title of the project is centrally aligned, but you need to keep in mind the assigned style or the one that is followed in your institute.


Acknowledgment Page

It is the part where you thank all the persons who assisted you with writing or research or in any other way and you believe that their names must be mentioned in acknowledgment page.

Abstract Page

It is mini dissertation as it gives full overview of the entire task in few sentences. Dissertation abstract should be completed within a paragraph and it must not go beyond 300 words. You can highlight the main points of the dissertation.

  • Main objectives of the study
  • Research methodology
  • Results and conclusions

A Page for Table of Contents

It is vital element as it assists the readers to visit any exact part in the lengthy papers without searching.

MBA Dissertation Introduction Chapter

The introduction part must be appealing for the readers as it is the first main chapter of the dissertation paper. The introduction must include;

  • The background information
  • Good reasons for selecting the topic
  • Significance of study
  • Justification for research
  • Main research question(s)
  • Main and general objectives
  • Hypothesis
  • Topic scope
  • Research limitations

Dissertation Literature Review Chapter

It is the next chapter and the importance of this chapter is quite high.

  • It includes research stuff of existing study.
  • Students have to evaluate the work of past authors in the field and inform what their studies do not have.
  • Identification and recognition of information and research gaps is necessary.
  • You must cite the sources in-text if required.

Dissertation Methodology Chapter


It is one of the most important sections as also known as the backbone of this academic task.

  • The main research design is explained in this section.
  • It must give details of the explanatory, descriptive, interrelated proportional, inquisitive, estimated and the combination of different research techniques that will be used.

Results and Discussion Chapters


  • Here you must summarize the collected information and arithmetical results and conclusion.
  • You must utilize charts, tables and graphs to elucidate the material.
  • This element must include stuff about acquired scale or value of the experiment statistic and the course of outcomes.
  • Evaluate the submissions of real hypothesis.
  • You must give importance to hypothetical results and weigh against others working.


Dissertation Conclusion Chapter


This is the final chapter of this task and it must be an effective one. 


  • It must be linked with introduction section.
  • Your own point of view should be visible.
  • Never include negative statements.
  • Leave the work by giving the reader some points to ponder.


Dissertation Bibliography 


  • An alphabetical order must be followed.
  • The entire sources must be cited.
  • Include the sources used in-text.
  • Follow the assigned citation style to cite the sources.


Here you need to attach original questionnaires, main survey reports, collected raw material, interviews or any supplementary material used.

These guidelines are really more than enough for students to get this task done in an effective way without getting stuck. If you still are having issues and want to get expert help, you can use the option of buying dissertation papers from scriptiehulp.